FAQ 3 in 1 Adaptive Jacket

How do I know what size my kid is?

Rolling Buddies recommends that you size the jacket to the same size you would for the current jackets you buy.  These jackets are designed to be slightly larger so the fabric can be tucked around your child and snuggle him in warmth.

Do I have to put the jacket on before I put my child in the wheelchair?

NO.  The MAJOR benefit of our jacket is the entire coat is meant to be put on after your child is fastened securely and positioned correctly in his/her chair.

My child wants to be something different from what you have available can I get a custom design?

Yes, we are a custom design house specializing in the wheelchair market.  Email us at sales@rollingbuddies.com or ask us a question on Facebook.

Will this product effect the functionality of my child's wheelchair or his/her positioning in that chair?

No, this product is meant to attach to your child and not interfere with positioning or wheelchair functionality.

My child is a self-propeller will this product still allow him to push himself?

Yes, the coat is designed to overlap and to handle all disabilities.

Is this machine washable?

Yes, all three layers are machine washable and easy to wipe clean.

How protective is the jacket against weather conditions?

The jacket layer (black color) is made from fleece inside and a synthetic water proof and weather proof material.  These layers combined keep moisture out and heat in to make your child the most comfortable ever.

Do I have to buy an Outer Shell?

No the outer shell is meant to be a decorative stylish layer.  We believe this layer will make the jacket more appealing to you and your child this does not have to be purchased and is optional.

Do I have to buy the Leg Cover?

No the leg cover is sold separately and is not needed for everyone.

If I buy just the Jacket now can I buy the other layers at another time?

Yes, all 3 pieces can be purchased separately.

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