3 in 1 Adaptive Jacket - FALL

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All the same great qualities of the winter jacket just designed for fall.

Sizes set to Standard Child's Jacket

Easy to put on and take off no more fighting with your child with their jacket.  No more bulky, uncomfortable fabrics behind and around your child.  Now there is a jacket designed for you by parents.

Our 3 in 1 Adaptive Jacket is very different then jackets out there today.  There are three (3) pieces that make up our jacket.  One the decorative outer shell; this is the stylish layer that velcros on to the warm layer.  This layer is very inexpensive and can be changed and ordered separately (more styles and colors to come).  Two we have the jacket or coat layer.  This layer is very warm and is designed for extreme conditions.  The jacket has two layers one of soft fleece for around the body and another protective layer from the elements.  The protective layer is water proof, wind resistant, extra thick and easily cleanable.  Third is the leg cover, as you may have guessed this is for the lower part of the body.  We find most families want to have a protective layer out in the winter conditions for the legs too.  This leg cover has the same designs as the jacket and it zips to the jacket with a metal zipper.  All parts of this are machine washable for easy clean up if they do get dirty.

Specially designed by parents with special needs children to make the perfect adaptive coat.

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